Taking Your Middle School ELA Classroom Online

These free video tutorials are going to help you easily move your classroom online. We'll be using Zoom, Google Classroom, and the materials you were already planning on using for the rest of the school year to make the transition to an online remote learning classroom experience for your students. 

We sincerely hope this helps makes this experience just a little bit easier and less overwhelming for you!

Caitlin and Jessica
EB Academics

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Tutorial #1: Using Zoom

We'll be discussing the basics of Zoom, including how to host an online classroom discussion, but also how to record your videos for later use, AND how to use Zoom to create at-home videos for your students to watch about a specific lesson. 

*Use Zoom in accordance with your school and/or district data and privacy policies. This video is simply a tutorial on how to use Zoom, and does not offer legal advice on compliance with school and/or district regulations and policy. 

Aired: Tuesday, March 24th at 6:00PM PST on EB Academics FB Page

LINKS to Common Questions from Zoom Tutorial:

Tutorial #2: Using Google Classroom

We'll be talking about specific steps you can take so that you can use the MATERIALS YOU ALREADY HAVE to take your classroom online using Google Classrooms. We'll cover the basics, from how to upload a document and create a new assignment, to using Google Forms for assessments. We won't go too in-depth ... we'll just be covering what you really need to know in order to use Google Classroom easily and efficiently for distance learning without having to purchase any new materials for your students.

Aired: Wednesday, March 25th at 6:00PM PST on EB Academics FB Page

Tutorial #3: Pacing Student Work

We know these uncertain times are stressful for everyone - our students, their parents, our own families. So we're going to discuss how to create a schedule for your students to complete their work. This way we can ensure the content they're working on is impactful and intentional - we don't want to just assign something for the sake of doing so!

CLICK HERE to grab your copy of the Digital Schedule. 

Aired: Thursday, March 26th at 6:00PM PST on EB Academics FB Page

Tutorial #4: Using Google Forms for Quizzes and Tests

We'll cover the basics of how to use Google Forms to give quizzes and tests in a distance learning environment. You won't need to retype all of your quizzes and tests into a Google Form in order to use this strategy!

Aired: Sunday, March 29th at 1:30PM PST on EB Academics FB Page

Tutorial #5: Making .pdf's Usable in Google Classroom

We'll be talking about an easy workaround to make handouts and activities that are simple .pdf's into usable resources in Google Classroom. Just because it's not a "digital resource" doesn't mean we can't make it "digital ready!"

Aired: Monday, March 30th at 1:30PM PST on EB Academics FB Page

Tutorial #6: Distance Learning Without Internet

We know many of you may need to provide distance learning materials for your students without relying on virtual or online learning. We have some simple ideas that you can use to meet your students in this moment. 

Aired: Tuesday, March 31st at 1:30PM PST on EB Academics FB Page

LINKS to Resources Mentioned in Tutorial:

While you can certainly adapt any similar resources you already have to utilize the ideas mentioned in this tutorial, here are the links to the resources I shared:

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