Your online membership and community created specifically
for Middle School ELA Teachers
just like you!


Take back your time, put a stop to endless lesson prep and overwhelm, and reignite your love of teaching with your new go-to ELA curriculum.

Nod your head if you're tired of ...

  • Sacrificing your precious time trying to create meaningful content that covers all of the standards
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the wasted hours you’re spending online searching for the perfect lesson (and coming up empty!)
  • Trying to balance everything as an English teacher - the standards, the content, the grading, the deadlines, the pressure, and so much more
  • A lack of instructional support since you might be the only teacher in your grade level
  • Piecing together disjointed lessons trying to hit all the reading and writing standards
  • Struggling to create engaging and rigorous lessons that don’t seem to hit the mark

If you’re sitting there thinking, “Yep! That’s me!” to any of these, you’re definitely not alone!

And here’s the good news ...
teaching English doesn’t have to feel this way!

The EB Teachers’ Club was created 
specifically for YOU.


We’re here to help you take back your time and sanity by providing you with quality and engaging ELA lessons and a community you know you can rely on!

If you've ever dreamed that ...

  • You could go to ONE PLACE to find everything that you need to feel prepared, confident, and stress-free as an English Language Arts teacher

  • You had lessons that you know worked well that were ready to download with the click of a button

  • You could spend less time worrying about teaching ELA and more time enjoying your life outside of school

  • You had a true support system where you could go to get encouragement and advice, bounce ideas off of and ask questions

  • At the end of the day, you could be that kick-butt ELA teacher who students remember for years to come

… then we have to tell you that
The EB Teachers’ Club
is the place for you.

The EB Teachers' Club is an affordable monthly membership packed with print-and-go lesson plan bundles, bonus resources, training videos, and activities that will save you hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars over the course of your school year.


Here's exactly what you get when you join The EB Teachers’ Club.

The EB Teachers' Club is all about providing you with quality and engaging monthly content, bonus resources, teacher training videos, and a supportive community, so you're excited to head back to school each day. The EB Teachers' Club is your One-Stop-Shop for all of your ELA needs! You can rest easy knowing that we're going to help you cover the ELA Common Core State Standards!

Monthly Lesson Plan Bundles

On the first day of each month, we release a new Grades 5-6 and Grades 7-8 ELA Lesson Plan Bundle. 

Each lesson plan bundle focuses on a specific area of the Common Core State Standards for ELA and contains a variety of engaging, rigorous lessons and activities, as well as step-by-step instructions to help you implement the lessons in your classroom. 

Teacher Training Videos

Earn Professional Development hours from the comfort of your home! We work hard to ensure we're providing you with not only quality and engaging ELA resources, but also meaningful and actionable Professional Development Opportunities. 

Some of the PD Trainings available right now include:

  • Descriptive Writing Training
  • Informational Text Training
  • Enhancing Your Writing Instruction

2 Bonus Resources
Each Month

On the first day of each month, you'll be given access to download two new resources of your choice from our EB Teachers' Club Resource Library. This is an extensive library with 25 resources (and growing!) to choose from.  

Choose from resources such as: task cards, reading response choice boards, writing activities for use with any novel, classroom posters, informational text graphic organizers, complete short story units, and so much more!

Exclusive EB Teachers' Club Facebook Group

Our EB Academics Insider's Group is the place to be! Members are able to ask each other questions, share ideas and success stories, and simply connect with other like-minded middle school ELA teachers. 

Once inside the group, you can expect answers to your questions pertaining to ELA instruction, management, and lessons, as well as support from fellow EB Teachers regarding any concerns or challenges inside your classroom. Plus, special sneak peeks into the next month’s bundle and other surprises!

Extra Bonus Content

The Grammar Corner: Breathe new life into your grammar curriculum with these fun and engaging grammar games.

Extra, Extra Goodies: We include fun and useful content throughout the year, such as back to school classroom posters, inspirational posters, lesson plan templates, a mini writing unit, and so much more!

30% Off All Resources All the Time

In addition to the incredible, quality content included in your membership, EB Teachers' Club Members also enjoy an exclusive 30% off promo code that you can use on all of our resources. 

This promo code can be used on all shop resources, all the time. Which means you never have to wait for a sale!

PLUS ...

Immediate access to our "How to Teach Narrative Writing" Online Professional Development Course

  • Step-by-step instructions for teaching Narrative Writing in 3 weeks
  • You get access to all four grade levels for ease of differentiation!
  • 4 Modules with 16+ Training Videos
  • Student Activities, Handouts, Peer Editing Stations, and so much more!
  • 4 Hour PD Certificate of Completion
  • $149 Value

YES! I'm ready to join an amazing community of educators!

The best part? We've also created a clear, step-by-step roadmap called
Your Success Path
to ensure you get the MOST value possible out of your membership!

We're going to help guide you through the 5 stages of Your Success Path.

We guide you and stick with you on your journey. We're with you starting at Stage 1 when you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and unsure of where to start all the way to Stage 5 when you've mastered exactly how to use the content the membership provides for you, and you walk into your classroom with confidence, feeling empowered as an educator.  

EB Teachers LOVE the Club!

"I belong to one other teacher club and find myself still spending time looking for ideas to make my lessons more creative. After ONE WEEK of joining the EB Teachers' Club, I am ready to stop my other club membership and stop wasting time searching for those other ideas.

Everything I need is right here: lessons, PD, organizational tools with my own "Library," and support with immediate feedback. I feel I finally have found a "one-stop shop" that will save me hours of time.

I will seriously spend less money by joining this club and get far more resources and support in the long run.

(The resources are amazing! We did the brainstorm today for the Halloween Descriptive Writing and my students were practically jumping out of their seats! They can't wait to start tomorrow!!!)

- Leslie Snyder, 6th Grade ELA Teacher, 26 years teaching

"This club has been instrumental in allowing me to provide my students with fun, interactive, hands-on activities that really encompass all aspects of learning. 

It also allows me more time for my family on the weekends because I'm not planning and prepping and trying to come up with activities that will engage my students - it's all there for me. It's also a great community of like-minded individuals who collaborate with one another to allow us to reach our fullest potential as educators!"

- Ashli Cassidy, 6th-8th Grade ELA Teacher

"I can't wait to start using your engaging resources with my students next week! I feel so prepared and excited to start this year because of the EB Teachers' Club! You have totally inspired me and given me so much more time to spend with my family."

Elizabeth M.
Middle School ELA Teacher

"Before using the materials in the EB Teachers’ Club, teaching ELA was always disjointed and didn't really make sense to me. But now, having access to all this incredible content, teaching has become more clear, exciting, and enjoyable. There is nothing better than seeing where my students are now!"

Ann L.
6th Grade ELA Teacher

"You have created a phenomenal site for teachers to gain curriculum/lesson ideas, PD training-style mini-workshops, and an invaluable destination for personal growth and classroom-tested resources. Well done!"

Darcie Y.
Middle School ELA Teacher

Wondering how The EB Teachers' Club got started?

We're Caitlin and Jessica, the founders of EB Academics and the authors, teachers, and curriculum creators behind The EB Teachers' Club. We have both been ELA teachers and ELA coaches for more than 25 years combined and curriculum developers since 2012.

We created The EB Teachers' Club to help make your teaching life easier while supplying you with quality and engaging ELA lessons for your students. We want you to walk into your classroom each day with confidence, knowing that you have quality content to teach. 

We both received our Master's Degrees in Secondary Education and Curriculum Design from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. We currently reside in the Bay Area with our families, but miss the warm LA weather!

Ready to say YES! to The EB Teachers’ Club and get instant access to your time-saving and engaging ELA resources, lessons plans, trainings, and more?

Here's exactly how it works:

Step One

Choose your membership level from the options available. Click “JOIN US NOW” and follow the prompts to complete your payment.

Step Two

You’ll receive an email with your login details to your membership area.

Step Three

Log in to The EB Teachers’ Club (we suggest bookmarking the site) and get instant access to your monthly lesson plan bundles, your choice of two ELA resources, bonuses, trainings, and more! You’ll also find information about how to join our Facebook group.

Step Four

Each month for as long as you’re a paying member, you’ll be able to PICK and CHOOSE two ELA resources (in addition to the lesson plans and trainings provided!) that will align with your school’s scope and sequence or curriculum map. 

Below is a sampling of some of the free downloads you'll be able to choose from each month you are a member:

Double-Entry Journal

Critical Thinking Task Cards

Reading Response Choice Board

Meet Your Teacher Postcards

Classroom Library Bulletin Board Kit

Inspirational Student Notes

Figurative Language Bingo Game

Reading Project Choice Board

Literary Terms Booklet

PLUS new bonuses, resources, trainings, and extra goodies along the way … AND access to our members-only Facebook community!

Take back your time, put a stop to endless lesson prep and overwhelm, and reignite your love of teaching with your new go-to ELA curriculum.
Let The EB Teachers' Club be your guide!


Need help getting your principal or an administrator on board?

Download our Interactive Administrator Flyer to share with them!

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Please click here to read our refund and cancellation policy. 

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

No, each membership is for individual teachers. If you are looking to save money, consider purchasing the yearly membership to get two months free (plus 18 engaging BONUS lessons)!

Absolutely! Thank you for being such a loyal customer! The lesson plan bundles you will receive each month are unique to the EB Teachers' Club and are not available anywhere else. Plus you will get to CHOOSE your two bonus resources each month. But, The EB Teachers’ Club is so much more than this! You will have access to Caitlin and Jessica and hundreds of other middle school ELA teachers from around the world to share ideas with, learn from, and ask questions. We will be active in the Facebook group to offer support and answer questions, as well as let you in on surprise goodies periodically added to the membership!

You will gain immediate access to the current monthly lesson plan bundle. You will also be granted access to your monthly coupon codes to download your two bonus resources. The benefit of the yearly membership is to save money up front - you get two full months' worth of content FREE. PLUS, Yearly Members also gain access to THREE additional monthly bundles (18 BONUS lessons!) - Connotations and Denotations Bundle, Descriptive Writing Bundle, and Informational Text and Main Idea Bundle - an $87 value just added into your membership library!

Yes, but only for yearly memberships. You will gain access to the membership once the membership has been paid for and any checks have cleared. Your purchase order must also be placed with us before the current enrollment period ends. Please reach out to us at [email protected]

While we do not anticipate buyer's remorse, we do understand that from time to time our resources might not meet the needs of your students as you anticipated. In the event that you do not believe The EB Teachers' Club is a fit for your needs, we are happy to offer a refund up to 48 hours after your first membership payment. Read our full cancellation and refund policy here.

Still have questions or concerns? Send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll respond to you ASAP.

Start saving yourself time and sanity, all while ensuring your students are engaging in high-quality ELA content!